How to Write a Thank You Card

Closed a big deal, attend a party? Received a referral or gift?

The best way to show your appreciation is with a thank you card. It is amazing how few of us do it. It is also amazing how much of an impact thank you notes have.

Writing a thank you card doesn’t have to be a struggle or take much time. Following these basic steps will turn you into a master of social Etiquette.

  1. Don’t delay, write your thank you card as soon as possible.
    One month is commonly seen as an acceptable time period in which to express your thanks. Striking while the iron is hot will ensure that you remember all of the details and not forget to send card altogether. If you are later than one month begin with an apology.
  2. Greet the recipient correctly.
    Double check the spelling of their name and use the appropriate title. There are many online resources that will help you with the format of various titles as the pertain to marital status
  3. Cut to the chase.
    Don’t mince words, get down to business and start with “Thank you for…”.
  4. Get specific.
    In one or two sentences explain why you are thankful. Talk about a specific event or feeling. If you are thanking someone for an item, how will you use it or why it is helpful.
  5. Repeat the intent.
    If it is worth saying once, it is worth saying it again. Only this time say it slightly different.
  6. Wrap it up
    How you close your thank you note depends on your relationship with the recipient. when addressing clients or employees “Sincerely” or “Many thanks” is a safe bet.

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