How to Write a Sympathy Card for Clients and Employees

Sympathy cards for obvious reasons can be very hard to write.

Whether it is the death of a loved one, family member or friend, there is a balance between providing comfort to the grieving person and creating unnecessary emotional hardship. Following these tips will help you work through the writing process.

Follow these 9 sympathy card guidelines

  1. Be prompt. Send you sympathy as soon as possible.
  2. Be Sincere and don’t sweat the small stuff, Write naturally, your sympathy note doesn’t need to be prefect.
  3. Always hand write. Finalize your thoughts on the computer or scrap paper and then copy it to your sympathy card using a quality pen
  4. Keep your message short and stay positive. Don’t talk about how or why the deceased passed.
  5. If you are writing to an employee, client,  business associate, or someone you have never met one or two sentences may be all you need.
  6. If you had a personal relationship with the deceased, adding a funny story or memory may be added.
  7. Be aware of the recipients religious beliefs before offering your prayers or other religious comments.
  8. Close your message with an offer to help. This can be specific or open ended.
  9. Sign your name

Avoid at all costs

  1. Clichés
  2. Don’t compare their loss to your own losses
  3. Don’t minimize the death by saying it will get better or it was their time…
  4. Don’t promise to help if you can’t or won’t

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